Citation Nr: 18160326
Decision Date: 12/27/18	Archive Date: 12/26/18

DOCKET NO. 15-17 632
DATE:	December 27, 2018
Entitlement to service connection for left shoulder disability is remanded.
The Veteran served in the Army from March 2009 to September 2009 and from September 2010 to October 2011.
This matter is before the Board of Veterans Appeals (Board) through an appeal of the January 2015 rating decision by the Regional Office (RO).
1. Entitlement to service connection for left shoulder disability is remanded.
The Veteran contends that his left shoulder disability is related to his service in Iraq and that service connection is warranted. See Form 9 dated May 2015. He states that he first injured his shoulder while lifting weights in Iraq in 2010 and then he reinjured it in August 2013 while parachute training in Fort Benning, Georgia. See VA Treatment Records dated November 2013 and December 2013. He also states that he was involved in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq. See VA Treatment Record dated June 2011.
The Veteran’s representative raised the contention that the VA never conducted an examination in regard to this claim for service connection. See Informal Hearing Presentation dated December 2018.
The Board finds that a VA examination is necessary in order to have a medical examiner provide a nexus opinion as to whether an in-service event has a causal relationship with the Veteran’s left shoulder disability. Therefore, a remand is necessary.
The matter is REMANDED for the following action:
1. Make attempts to determine whether the Veteran was on inactive duty for training (INACDTURA) when he indicates he injured his left shoulder during a parachute jump in August 2013.  He has stated that this injury occurred at Ft. Benning, Georgia.  In addition, the Veteran’s reserve records should be obtained, if the injury is shown to have occurred during a period of INACDUTRA.
2. Obtain a VA examination to determine the nature and etiology of the Veteran’s left shoulder disability.
The claims file should be made available to the reviewing examiner, and the examiner shall indicate in the opinion that the claims file was reviewed.
The examiner is asked to opine whether the Veteran’s shoulder injury was at least as likely as not related to an in-service injury, event, or disease, including a credible, reported weight-lifting injury incurred in Iraq and an August 2013 parachute jump injury.
(Continued on the next page)
A rationale should be provided.
3. Readjudicate the appeal.
Veterans Law Judge
Board of Veterans’ Appeals
ATTORNEY FOR THE BOARD	S. Bognar, Associate Counsel

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